Customizable SIM in the iPhone?

GigaOM reported lately that Apple was creating an iPhone with ‘one sIM card to rule them all’. Every american tech journos and even The Register took the suggestions from GigaOM and ran with it. Some thoughts I have from following this a bit: If Telco’s would do this it would be stupid on their part. […]

Drink kraantjeswater Er zijn redenen om het niet te doen, maar in de meeste gevallen, thuis, op het werk en op school… Drink gewoon kraantjeswater.

iPad thoughts

Some random thoughts/questions: Will we be able to read the iBooks on iTunes, and thus the ‘Real Computer’, and will notes and bookmarks be synched back and forth Will there be an iBooks app for reading on the iPhone/iPod touch Can I tether my iPhone to the iPad using bluetooth for connectivity instead of a […]

Apple goodies and predictions

    Back in November last year I posted this: What will Apple bring in 2009 My timing was absolutely not right (way too optimistic), biut it seems I got the inclusion of the Intel i7 CPU with 4 cores in the iMac right for 2009. I nailed the iPhone hardware stuff for the 3GS, […]

MiniRock 2009

Het Sint-Pietersinstituut in Gent bewijst dat ze kunnen shaken en rocken. Kijk voor de film na ‘Read More’ link

Flash ah-aaaaaah savior of….

Flash on the iPhone would be a blessing to Mac OS X. Flash on a Mac has always been very troublesome. It was always slower and more crash prone  than it’s Windows counterpart. I think this has to do with how Adobe builds it’s stuff for the Mac. Using less optimized code, more or less […]

Dell used car salesman

Dell uses ‘used car’ salespractices. If you don’t agree to their offer or have some doubt if you would buy or not , they state: ‘give your price’.